Dirty kid = happy kid

As kids didn’t we all just love being dirty from head to toe?  Our mothers liked it a little less looking at us indulgently when we were back home, once again all covered in mud and wet. Today we have modern washing machines, high quality clothes, so we can let our children go crazy and just take some time off from being neat. But maybe this time can be used creatively? Check out the list below for some messy activities for children.

Playing with clay

Clay is a wonderful tool that children can use in the creative process, develop their manual skills and what is more, we can preserve their small artworks by heating them up in the oven. It may not always be possible in the home oven, so always check the information on the clay pack. This can be a fun memory object for your future child from the childhood or a self-made gift for someone.

Painting clothes

Give your child the chance to create a unique piece of clothing. Maybe you have a plain white t-shirt you no longer use or a plain spare blouse in your wardrobe? If not, the cost of buying a t-shirt or a cap can start from a pound. Your child will be delighted. You can use washable dye if you want to return to this fun or get back your clothes. You can also use permanent paints for clothes that you can iron into a part of clothing.

Painting hands and feet

After all, we do not need a pencil neither a crayon! Children in this game use their hands and feet to paint the most beautiful pictures, which will be an amazing souvenir after a great fun with our children.

Game for the whole family – a flour mountain – silliness guaranteed

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania flour mountain game

We take a bowl full of flour and put it upside down. Then we pull the bowl and at the top of our mountain we put gummy bear / candy / something sweet. The task for the players (parents too) is to take a teaspoon  one by one of flour so that our sweet does not fall. When it falls, the last person has to eat it without using hands.

Shooting pips to the target

As it is summer, there are cherries at the trees that children love. And they gave pips inside, right? That can be a great toy for your kids. Create a shield together and hang it on the tree. Children have to throw the pips from the fruits they eat. Just remember that children must be old enough to be able to play in this way, so they do not choke.

Treasure hunt in whipped cream

An idea for a birthday party or meeting with other children. Let every child get a plate that will have a fixed number of candies / gummy bears that will be covered with a large layer of whipped cream. The game is about finding the hidden gems without using hands.

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