What kind of a present should I get for a child?


When we buy a gift for a baby, we really hope that both a child and his parents will like it and be happy to use it for fun and learn. Fortunately, these days, more and more often you will find toys that are completely safe for a child if you stick to the age regulations put on a label of every toy.  When you are in the store, ready to buy a present for a little one, remember about the purpose of buying it: whether it is a charming gift or a useful educational toy helping to develop a toddler. Here are my ideas on gifts for babies at different age I hope will inspire you and help you choose the right present.

For children up to 6 months, the most important thing is to choose a gift that suits their age, so always read the toy specification. For a newborn, a good choice may be the educational mat. This rug is soft, comfortable, colorful with printed patterns, and the fabric is very pleasant to the touch. The child can play and learn different types of textures and patterns straight from the carpet.

Sophie’s giraffe is a timeless toy that has been playing for generations of children. Since 1961 this little giraffe has been delighting many little kids around the world. The toy is especially suitable for children who start teething, although the younger ones can enjoy it as well. It will appeal both to a child and to a parent.

Another classic toy that develops cognitive abilities in a toddler is a toy crunch that hangs over the head of a sleeping baby. It helps a newborn to nap when he goes to sleep as it catches his attention for a long time with its gently blinking lights and calm melodies. The most popular carousel themes are animals and sleep. There are plenty of templates available to help your toddler sleep.

Two-year-olds are children who are beginning to have a preference for toys. Of course, you can show them what they have not seen yet, but frankly, if you know that they are fans of building blocks, hallway lengths railways or loving playing with dolls, try to give something they already love. If your child has any interests already, then it is definitely worth to buy him something he/she already likes. Two-years-olds love to put together blocks, towers, and even puzzle. Second birthday is a very good time to gift the first puzzle – simple, with a small number of large pieces that the child will quickly learn to lay out on their own. All these types of toys are very developing, because they not only are fun, but alsolearn  logical thinking and spatial imagination.

I hope these ideas helped to prove useful and now it’s a little easier to choose the right gift for a baby.

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