5 years old son – What is he like? What does he like?

We all have had the experience of buying a toy that our child plays with for two days and never touches again. You can prevent that by looking for toys that can be fun and practical at different developmental stages. So, today I would like to present you some information about what your 5 years old boy is like now, what he is learning and what kind of a toy will suit his preference and development level. Keep reading and check out some ideas that will help you too choose the right toy for your son.

What is happening now?

Your child right now learns how to make friendships, formulate thoughts, follow the rules … That means one thing. The bambino is almost ready for school! Imagination reaches a new level, as does physical strength. Here you will find ideas on how to integrate creativity and problem solving process into the daily life of your five-year-old, preparing him for continuous learning, developing confidence and self-confidence in him.

How is your 5-year-old playing?

  • Draws recognizable objects, can write his name, dresses himself and put puzzles together
  • He can solve problems and explain things
  • His friendship grows stronger
  • He can group things into basic categories
  • He can imitate some poses, gestures and way of speaking
  • He can finish things without waiting for directions
  • During play he can distinguish between pretenses and reality
  • He is beginning to make comparisons, and his memory is getting better and better
  • He can explain a game to other children

So how to help your child learn more?

To develop his creative thinking, reflex and coordination give him a baby car, vehicle or remotely controlled toy. Try to play unusual games with ordinary objects. Create a route for your baby’s car, using everyday items. Allow your child to ride the cars through the “tunnels” made of paper towel rolls, ride the slopes of the pillows or maneuver between the brushes.

Have fun with the commentator. Watch a brief report from car racing on TV. Instead of listening to the commentator of the race, turn off the sound and start to change your comment on the route yourself.

All about security. Make a lesson on safety and safe driving while traveling. Take the sidewalk along the road – show your child road signs. Explain what each of them means, and why it is important that drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists see and follow the signs.

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