Expensive toys- to buy or not buy?

What is expensive, what is cheap?

At the beginning, let’s think about whether it is possible to clearly define the boundary between expensive and cheap toys. My answer: it is not. Because we need to find a toy of a quality that corresponds to the price and the interests of your little one. Finally, a critical point of the whole discussion – how much money you can spend on a toy. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding whether a price of a toy is too steep or good value for money.

How do I see it?

When buying a toy for my son I firstly consider its quality. How it looks like.  What can he do with it and if that doesn’t ruin the toy within few minutes. I do not want to spend money on toys that he can use only once, because they are too fragile. What is interesting, even the toys made of cardboard can be expensive. So, a fridge or a washing machine made of cardboard that will break down after the first play can cost as much as its plastic equivalent and this is exactly what is expensive means for me. Regardless of whether I have a plenty of money or not.

I cannot afford buying cheap things

This is a bit controversial catchphrase, a bit simplified, but I think it only needs a bit of shrewdness to understand what it wants to say. The rule is that if I have to buy something for a baby or for us, I try to buy it reasonably. And reasonably does not always mean cheaply. Because if I put next to each other these three toys: wooden oven, plastic oven and cardboard oven, of course, the cardboard one will be the cheapest. Just one question now. How much will the cardboard oven handle? What would it be like playing with such equipment? Can I expect another child to use it in few years and I will be able to resell it on eBay after a while?

I like to use the example of Fisher Price toys. When you buy Fisher Price toys, you are sure that you can bring up a few children and give them the same plaything and later on successfully sell it on in Internet. When an investment in a toy is divided into several children, suddenly, those 30 or 40 pounds have a 3 times greater value.

When buying baby toys, there is one rule that doesn’t apply. The factor that rules our adult world – the brand. For me, the brand in the world of children’s toys is just a tip. A quality determinant for the parent that has completely zero value for the child. Do not tell me that in the adult word it does not matter either. If that was the case, we would all wear sunglasses from the optician for 40-50 quid and nobody would even look on Dior or Prada ones.

I believe that the most important factor when choosing the right toy and deciding whether the price is correspondent to the quality, is your own reasonable judgment, because you know your kid the best, you know how he/she likes to play and how fast can destroy a toy. Try to not make the price the only factor you take into consideration.

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